A Possible Future For Democracy

Many people believe that corporate capitalism and competition have corrupted Democracy, and that the statutory code of governance is failing the people and the environment of Earth. Despair looms in the hearts and minds of mankind at the complexity and force of the system however a beacon of hope remains.

All issues that exist on Earth have recently been solved in practice and/or theory however there are monetary, contractual, language and organisational bottlenecks that prevent implementation from occurring swiftly. Mixed reality game theory can be used to demonstrate a variety of faster more balanced transition strategies.

Gameplay will encourage and reward teamwork, life-long learning, advanced philosophy, technological awareness, ethics, environmental custodianship and real world action. Creation of meaningful new data sets will enable the first global participatory governance protocols as well as new methodologies for resource management, trade, travel and collaboration via wearable extended intelligence devices.

Imagine a reality where we all understand each other and mankind unites to lovingly become a Universal Civilization. It is up to all of us to take careful consideration of what we know and put our best selves forward to participate.


Australian Democracy

Australian Democracy (also The Commonwealth of Australia) was created in 1901 when six former British colonies agreed to federate an estimated 3.8 Million people. In 2016 it consists of 24.3 Million people in 6 states and 2 territories.
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Indian Democracy

Indian Democracy is the worlds largest National Democracy as it governs over an estimated 1.3 Billion people in 29 States and 7 territories whereby it is described as a "Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic."


U.S.A Democracy

www.state.gov "When historians write about U.S. foreign policy at the end of the 20th century, they will identify the growth of democracy--from 30 countries in 1974 to 117 today--as one of the United States' greatest legacies."

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