Monarchy or Republic?

Another hot topic that has not gone away since the failed 1999 Australian Referendum under the former Australian Prime Minister John Howard.
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Environmental Protection

This is a survey about how the Natural Environment should be managed and if it is a good idea to give it rights of personhood in The Constitution of Australia.
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Values and Virtues

This is a survey about the Values and Virtues Australians believe in personally, and believe that Government Representatives should uphold when in Office.
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Indigenous Recognition

There has been a lot of talk about how to recognise the original inhabitants of the land now known as Australia. Have your say here and now.
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Universal Income

Poverty and homelessness are real issues in Australia and the idea of Universal Income with robotic automation is possible, as is Responsible Abundance.
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Piracy & Digital Media

With the Rise of Digital Media and the internet of things, there are a lot of hard lessons being learned as people come to terms with evolving I.P & more piracy.
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