The Vision

To find all of the best values, virtues, ideas, philosophies and technologies in every culture of the world and then make them easily accessible to the rest of the human species through mixed realities and global participatory governance.

The Origin Story

The concept of Gamify Democracy is one component that emerged in 2015 from an original concept by Luke Nathan Hayes in 2010 "The Human Super Consciousness Project." It was a dream to build systems that will facilitate Joyous, Virtuous and Compassionate Responsible Abundance.

"Mankind, we are all infinite. Believe it. Become it. Be your best. We are here and now. We are alive and we are divine."

Team Building National and International Teams. Are you up to the challenge?

Gamify Democracy will become a registered corporate entity for the purposes of attracting pre-seed capital investment and effectively coordinating a global multi-lingual campaign to establish game development teams for each Democracy.

This game yearns for leaders to apply their intelligence, empathy, compassion and forgiveness to navigate governance, business and the environment into responsible abundance. Gamify Democracy will aim to have the opposite ratio of Male : Female leaders as are active in each statutory Democracy, to measure the differences while aiming for balance.

Click on any of the vacant roles below to learn more about each position. Equity in the company is available for each.

Luke Nathan Hayes

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Luke is a creative visionary and student of life with a passion for creating a grand reality of joyous virtuous and compassionate responsible abundance.

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Co-Founder & COO

Chief Operating Officer will be broadly responsible for the daily operations of the organisation. Works closely with the Creative Director to enact key actions.

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Co-Founder & CFO

Chief Financial Officer will be primarily responsible for financial planning, risk analysis and reporting in the organisation. Works closely with the COO.

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Co-Founder & CTO

Chief Technology Officer will be primarily responsible for the software and electronic systems used in the organisation. Works closely with the CD and COO.

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Co-Founder & CIO

Chief Information Officer will be broadly responsible for ethical information management, team building and training. Works closely with the COO and CTO.

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Co-Founder & CMO

Chief Marketing Officer will work with the Creative Director to perform market research, community outreach and corporate communications.

Next Steps...

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