Are You Ready To Become Our First Chief Financial Officer?

The Chief Financial Officer will be primarily responsible for financial planning, risk analysis and reporting in the organisation. Working closely with the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Information Officer, the CFO will have formal training and/or extensive experience in commerce, Australian taxation regulations and international law.


Financial Planning

Crunch the Numbers

Keep perfect records of all financial transactions, at or above industry standard practices. Be completely honest, virtuous and transparent in your conduct.

Risk. Chart with keywords and icons

Risk Analysis

Futurist / Soothsayer

Be able to predict long term trends and short term disruptions by analysing as much available data as possible and then develop strategies to thrive with change.



Simplify Explanations

Have experience with a number of reporting tools so that it will be easy to transfer insights from the data to the appropriate team or company executive.

Next Steps...

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