As Gamify Democracy has not yet formally launched there have been few questions. Please be creative and use the contact form to send in your questions so that I can start to build an intelligent list of Frequently Asked Questions here on this page.

This is a Brilliant Idea! How do I invest?

If you do not live in or near Brisbane, Australia please visit and talk to Luke in person or request his attendance at a conference or event that is relative to Gamify Democracy or one of his other projects. You can arrange a meeting via his facebook profile (link on the bottom of each page), the contact form or the mobile phone number on the contact page.

What type of investment options do you have?

You can be a volunteer who invests their time doing such activities as game development, marketing, community outreach, art installations, smart wearable product development, operating system development, and language research (more detailed roles and process management will become available soon).

You can also become a silent philanthropist who does not participate much in the project besides monetary contributions, with or without key milestones attached. Or alternatively you can become an involved investor who contributes as much as possible as often as possible, including friendship, money, introductions, expertise and access to any required resources.

I want to apply to join the team. How do I do that?

If you live in or near Brisbane, Australia or can easily travel, the best option is to visit and talk to Luke in person. If an in person meeting is not possible at this time you can arrange a technology mediated meeting by first connecting via his facebook profile (link on the bottom of each page), or the contact form or the mobile phone number on the contact page.

Why are you looking for female co-founders?

I have considered the possibility of Gamify Democracy being 50% men and 50% women, as well as the option of calculating the accurate ratio of men : women currently representing all Democracies everywhere, then create the opposite ratio to bring balance. I assume without statistics that would likely lead to Gamify Democracy being almost all women in leadership roles.

I am also aware that women are underrepresented in business, in Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM), and the innovative startup sector. I would like to play a part in facilitating an environment that encourages women to thrive.

What do you think about this? Use the contact form.

What if I don't live in a Democratic Country?

For now, you can help other teams build prototypes. If you know any friendly and progressive political leaders in your country you could always talk to them about Gamify Democracy. Ask them to get in touch with us if they like any of our ideas on Global Participatory Governance and building a True Meaning Language Translation System. Please do not risk your safety.

When will there be a simple joining mechanism?

In January 2017 we aim to have an online collaborators framework for virtual reality democracy game development, as well as a franchise option for recording studios to work on the True Meaning language engine and a community outreach starters kit.

Even sooner we will have a values and virtues survey for early bird supporters. To be among the first people notified when it starts, send us a message using the contact form. All past enquirers will get a notification when this survey goes live.


do you have Time for a quick re-cap?

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