Common Sense Values

We will commence and maintain the public conversation to truly discover the peoples' common sense of human values to base participatory governance on.

Quantifiable Reputations

Combining people power with machine learning we will define a legitimate pathway to determine quantifiable moral reputations for public representatives.

A Voice For Citizens

Using blockchain technology or a more incorruptible concept, we will give citizens a voice on every topic that interests them or effects their way of life.

Real-Time, Mixed Reality Gamified Democracy

We aim to collaborate with both the public and private sectors in each National Democracy to create ultra-high definition game worlds that mimic each Democracy but with slight differentiations to aid in decision making.

New advances in tools for virtual reality and mixed reality are available now, whereas game theory can define stable transition strategies for lifting our environment and living standards to joyous and virtuous, responsible abundance.


Games Marketplace for Revenue and Rewards

Our approach to revenue is to effectively team up with the entire population of the world and establish a marketplace for nonviolent, fun and educational games.

We will market games we make and games made by others.

We will not pollute the system with advertising.

We will balance the marketplace with free mini games for citizens participating in governance, as well as premium pay to access games and tournaments.

Real-Time, True Meaning Language Translation

Now that we are an internet connected species, many can easily perceive an obligation to discover responsible new methods for global understanding and problem solving.

Global Participatory Governance is impossible until there is a common language, or a real-time language translation system where zero meaning is lost in translation. It is our belief that we can build a true meaning language engine that will make this vision a reality very quickly.


Next Steps...

Now is your best chance to invest in facilitating a loving global civilization and to share in the rewards for building the tools and implementing the process.